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for early birds, and bedtime stories lovers

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Out of your bedroom

Your kitchen, your livingroom, your home office, your cavern. Geneva Time / Digital is your best companion when music is your favorite background of your playground. Its convenient USB charge port and the Line-In connector expand its connecitvity.

Geneva Time / Digital has an internal battery that preserves time, alarm and Bluetooth paired devices for weeks when unplugged.

Discreet and yet memorable

Geneva Time / Digital form factor is simple yet noticable. 45 degress chamfer on the front frames the metal grill.
The top charging plate is made in soft real leather and it’s raised 1 mm, just enough to protect your smartphone from unwanted scratches. marble, metal, wood, leather color combinations are chosen to blend into an harmonic palette.

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Your smartphone deserves some rest too

Lay your smartphone on the premium leather plate on top of Geneva Time / Digital and play your favourite podcast or playlist. Geneva Time / Digital powers off after 15 minutes after the music has stopped, but continues charging your smartphone till tomorrow. The charging plate is able to charge every QI compliant device, up to 10 Watt power.
On the back an additional USB can charge another device simultaneasly

Premium materials

At Geneva, we have always focused on material quality and craftmanship.
2 variations in composite marble and real wood veneer can match your home style effortlessly. The ton-sur-ton combination of metal and leather grant a solid yet discreet presence in whatever room.

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Marble, Wood, Aluminium, Leather

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Available at Geneva Web Shop

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Your nest and the GENEVA sound

Featuring a 2’’ broadboand driver and a passive radiator, Geneva Time / Digital is designed to deliver a smooth, warm sound and a crisp voice reproduction.
This is especially useful when listening to Podcast and Audio Books, where voice comprehension and voice tone reproduction are massively important.


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