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GENEVA, since 2005

“To say we have revolutionized the way people listen to music is a huge claim, but I do believe we are setting the standard when it comes to single-unit hi-fi stereos that integrate seamlessly into the home. Geneva was the first hi-fi company to embrace how people listen to digital music over a decade ago, when we released a serious hi-fi system with an iPod dock. Most other iPod docks and Bluetooth®-enabled systems were just convenient gadgets at the time – no one was taking high-quality sound seriously.

We believe that serious sound quality should be available to everyone, whether streaming music or tuning into the radio. Unfortunately, many young people today don’t know what it is to have an incredible listening experience when using a serious hi-fi system. We’re here to change that.“

Jan-Erik Lundberg, CEO and founder


Geneva cabinetry is high quality furniture. The wood cabinets are made by hand.  Each one takes more than a week to complete.

The woodworkers and painters take hundreds of steps, with meticulous attention to detail.
The genuine American walnut veneer is hand-sanded.

The lacquer is applied by hand. There are up to eight layers of high-grade piano lacquer applied to each gloss finish.

It’s why WIRED magazine hailed Geneva on its debut as “a Steinway” giving the streaming generation quality and sound on the scale of a grand piano.
The wood cabinets are hand-buffed. Each one is hand-polished. It’s a dedication to innovation and quality craftsmanship, so Geneva products will be enjoyed for years to come.

All-in-One Design

Simple, but bold. The Classic Series brings sharp lines, smooth curves and alluring textures together to make a clear statement: this is made for those who care about details. Real walnut wood, piano lacquer, and fine metal finishes hint at the cutting-edge tech that’s inside. It’s all precision engineered, like a Swiss watch.

On top are laser-engraved touch buttons that give you a direct connection to your music. With such a minimalist design, the Classic Series sits pretty anywhere. 


Geneva Sound Systems are deceptively simple on the outside.

But inside, they are filled with advanced technology.

The Swiss engineers fuse many functions into a single cabinet.

They use advanced electronics, patented acoustics, the best amplifiers, speakers, tuners and components.

They offer up to 600 watts of pure digital amplification in one piano-lacquered wooden cabinet.


These distortion-proof enclosures contain a seamless integration of digital amplifier, digital crossovers, high quality drivers, media players and power supply.

The larger drivers are encased in their own chambers, “the kind of high-end construction that entails both forethought and expense,” says Home Theatre magazine.

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Schermata 2022-10-26 alle 16.49.57.png
Schermata 2022-10-26 alle 16.50.21.png
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In New York City, Jimi Hendrix built the world's
first artist-owned recording studio.

Electric Lady Studios - making music legends since 1969.



First Geneva product on the market: Model L



Geneva launches its biggest model: XXL



Geneva launches Model XS: Radio, Dab, Alarm clock in a clutch-style design

xs -100.jpg


Geneva goes wireless and removes all dock connectors from the products


Geneva launches Aerosphere Series



Geneva launches Touring/S, followed by Touring/M,L,XS and Touring/S+



Geneva launches Acustica Series



Geneva launches DeCon - Hi-Fi Deconstructed, followed by DeCon/S and DeCon/M (2022)



Geneva launches GENEVA Time

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