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Your music, your way.

The superior sound quality of a Hi-Fi, the ultra-precise engineering of a Swiss watch: there’s a reason the compact Classic/ S speaker has won so many industry awards. To mark its 10-year anniversary, we’ve redesigned the inside to make your music sound even better. With Bluetooth®, DAB+, and FM radio, you can now enjoy any type of music, any time. Electro for your party? Rock for your workout? Just tap, play, and listen in pristine quality.

Hi-Fi sound meets high style.

Once you’ve seen and heard it, it’s easy to understand why it’s won so many awards. The Classic/ M blends superior Hi-Fi sound with fine Swiss engineering, making it the perfect speaker system for any passionate music lover. To mark its 10-year anniversary, we’ve redesigned the inside to make the listening experience even better: enjoy pristine audio quality that competes with much bigger systems, as well as cutting-edge Bluetooth®, DAB+, FM, and alarm clock functions.

Room-filling sound without compromise.

From classical to hip-hop, when you want to fill a room with immersive sound, there’s no better choice than the Model L. Built to deliver loud Hi-Fi quality and designed to look elegant, this speaker is the perfect addition to any style-conscious household. We’ve re-engineered the inside to mark its ten-year anniversary, giving you more of what you want: sound clarity, depth, and power. Play your way with Bluetooth®, DAB+, FM, and a CD player.

A thoroughbred audio system for Hi-Fi lovers.

This is the best sound quality and minimalist design that Geneva has to offer, and it’s ready to make an extra-big impression. The Model XL is a must-have for any audiophile’s home. In celebration of its ten-year anniversary, we’ve re-engineered the inside to give you a listening experience unlike any other: play your favorite music with Bluetooth®, DAB+, FM, CD or jack, and crank it out with an unbelievable 340 real watts of power. From quiet nights in to bustling garden parties, the Model XL is waiting to impress you – and your guests.

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