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Sound & Acoustics

Is the sound of good quality or is it just a neat looking speaker?
We put a lot of development work into the acoustics, we are proud of how our speakers sound. The same speaker design (driver specifications, mechanical dimensions, etc.) is used for studio monitors that are used by audio professionals.
How many decibels (dB) output power does your system have?
We don’t have specifications of power output in decibels. The amplifiers are rated: 2×15 Watt (RMS) for the Geneva Sound System Model S speakers; 4×25 Watt (RMS) for the Geneva Sound System Model M speakers; 4×25 Watt (RMS) for the Geneva Sound System Model L speakers; 6×100 Watt (RMS) for the Geneva Sound System Model XL speaker; and 7×100 Watt (RMS) for the Geneva Sound System Model XXL speaker.
Are the specifications for the amplifiers RMS or Peak (maximum) numbers?
RMS. You can play the speakers at maximum volume and you won’t hear distortions – the amplifiers perform very well, even at the maximum.
The speaker looks neat, but too bad that it is a mono speaker. I don’t believe this system can make stereo – for stereo you need two speakers far away.
This is NOT a mono speaker – it is a stereo speaker. Underneath the front grill there are two independent speakers right next to each other, with separate acoustic chambers and separate drivers. Also, by using patent pending technology the stereo sweet spot is larger than in a conventional two-speaker setup. The sweet spot is the location where you hear optimal stereo sound. AND - you won't have a lot of cables between your amplifier two, four, five or more speakers.
Can I connect a second speaker to have stereo?
No, there is no need for a second speaker because the system is already stereo. There is no output for extra speakers. The internal amplifier is used only for the internal speaker system. The acoustics (amplifier, individual speakers) have been carefully fine tuned; adding extra speakers would most likely not enhance the sound at all.
I would like to replace my existing surround speakers and sub woofer with the Geneva Sound System to get rid of the clutter (cables and rear speakers). How do I connect the Model L or the Model XL to my amplifiers speaker plugs to get the best sound? Center? L/R? Rear? Combination?
Use the Left-Front and the Right-Front outputs from your home theatre system. Don’t worry about the separate subwoofer output jack there is typically enough bass in the left and right front channels. Make sure you are using the Line-Out’s and NOT the speaker outlets! The speaker outlets voltage would be way too high and will damage the Model XL Line Input. Many home theatre systems have Line-Out RCA jacks – that is the signal/connection you are looking for.
What is the ideal room size for each unit?
The Model S is perfect for bedrooms and personal spaces; the Model M is perfect for personal spaces and small living rooms; the Model L is perfect for most living rooms; the Model XL is perfect for living rooms and loft spaces; and the Model XXL is the perfect solution for your home theater needs.

Cabinet & Mechanical

Is the system magnetically shielded? Can it be placed close to a television?
Our speakers are not specially shielded. But the loudspeaker driver magnets are about 20 cm from the side walls, therefore magnetic interference is very minimal.
What material is the speaker cabinet made of?
We use the same basic cabinet design as most other high-end wooden speaker – a wooden cabinet (more specifically, MDF - medium density fiber), designed to optimize the sound quality.
What is the functionality of the AIR key on the remote control? What is the functionality of the AIR connector at the bottom side?
The AIR button / AIR connector are options we have added for future use. We will announce new products once they are available for purchase.

FM Tuner

Can I connect an external Antenna to the speaker?
Is an FM antenna provided?
My external antenna has a different connector than the connector at the electronics panel of the speaker – what should I do?
We provide an antenna connector converter; so you can connect an external antenna with a “Pal” connector or an antenna with a “F-Type” connector.


Does the remote control also control the iPod?
Yes. Our remote provides the same functionality as the Apple HiFi remote control.
When the iPod is docked, is the iPod being charged?
Yes, the system charges the iPod, at all times while iPod is connected.
Are your iPod dock adapters (white plastic parts) compatible with all iPods?
We provided iPod dock adapters for all current iPod models and all models released in the past. Some of the newer iPod’s come with their own adapters provided by Apple – these dock adapters are compatible with the Geneva Sound System.
What about future iPod’s – will they work with the Geneva Sound System?
Yes, for as long as Apple support its own Universal Dock System for iPod, the Geneva Sound System dock WILL be compatible. As a member in the Made for iPhone program, we are provided exact specification from Apple to ensure that all iPods old and new continue to work with the Geneva Sound System. 
I lost my dock adapter for my iPod Nano (the iPod dock adapter was from Apple) – where can I get a new one?
Replacement adapters can be purchased through the Apple store.
The iPod dock adapters from Geneva Sound System look very similar with the ones from the Apple dock – are the compatible?
Yes. The adapters we provide are fully compatible.